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Brandon, Vermont

​April 6, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

These are challenging times and days we have never seen the likes of. Not gathering as a community for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter is disappointing. The impossibility of coming together to recall and celebrate Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection is unfortunate. May I suggest, however, that we make these three days special by intensifying our prayer. The Triduum (the three days) recalls the central tenants of our faith.            

On Holy Thursday, traditionally we have gathered as a community and are reminded by Christ’s example of washing his disciples’ feet to be of service to one another. May our prayers on this day be for those who are serving the community as first responders, healthcare professionals, social service providers, truck drivers, grocery and pharmacy workers. May God give them strength and keep them safe as they selflessly serve the community’s needs.

On Good Friday, we recall that out of love for us, Christ carried his cross and extended his arms to demonstrate his infinite mercy.  On this day may our prayers be for those who carry a heavy cross due to the effects of this crisis; those who struggle financially as a result of a job loss or reduced hours; those in nursing homes and other care facilities or for anyone who may feel isolated or afraid;  those who are suffering from the virus, those who will fall, or have fallen by its weight;  and those who, like John and the Blessed Mother, grieve the loss of a loved one. May the concern we extend both in word and deed assist them in carrying their cross.

On Easter Sunday may we remember that Christ was triumphant and rose from the grave.  We too, will conquer the difficulties that lie ahead. After our time of social distancing, we will again resume our active lives. Our time in the cave gives us an opportunity to evaluate what we hold as important and essential. We will begin our life anew, changed by this experience, with our values prioritized.


Have a Blessed Triduum and Happy Easter! 
Fr. Maurice Moreau, O.F.M. Cap.Type your paragraph here.

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